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We are active in over all the cities in Qatar. we can deliver directly to you or your customer.

At Aldura, we of all people understand hardware takes up to lot of space. That’s why we offer storage solution

It’s not always the best solution for your customers to buy IT products. For those customer we offer different business solutions.

We have support team with good technical skill and resolve the device problems! Our Support team are available 24/7

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For over 25 years, Aldura IT Distribution has been focusing on providing IT-resellers with the most efficient hardware for its customers.

Aldura was found in 1995. At the end of 1999 Aldura was active in every cities of Qatar. Because of our unique business proposition, we are growing each year. With our sales across Qatar.

Another benefit Aldura can deliver is our large hardware stock with different levels of use and years of manufacture.

  • Multiple Products (A wide range of products to win the deal)
  • Hardware Selection (Current, previous, Approved Selection and refurbished hardware.)
  • Price Margin (More margin because of our low pricing.)

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Our goals as a team include providing support, guidance, and motivation to help you succeed

Mr. Ahmad Al Batarni ( CEO / Founder )

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